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CPA Review Courses - Student Testimonials

Rigos CPA Review: Student Testimonials/Evaluations 

The following are evaluations and representative comments we have received about our materials and classes from our students.

"I took both the CPA and CMA and passed all parts of both exams at the first sitting. The instructors were very professional and I am recommending Rigos to my friends." -Young Oh
"Couldn't have passed without the course. Like the live instructors!" - T. Thomas Hartshorn
"I'd like to thank you and the teachers for helping me prepare to pass the CPA exam. There is no doubt in my mind that my success in the exam was due in a very large part to the outstanding instruction and encouragement I received from all of you while taking the review course."- Jung Hee Cho
"Couldn't have done it without your invaluable course materials." - Denise K. Boice
"Thanks for the help. I got a 75 on every part. Is that a record?" - Carl Hepker
"Thanks to my fiancee and the Rigos CPA Review Course, passing the exam was a breeze!" - Justin Gertler
"The only reason I passed all four sections at the first sitting was due to the great instruction given by Rigos' faculty. Additionally, Jim's (Rigos) unfaltering 'go for strong' (meaning try to pass all 4 sections) was an added bonus. Lastly, I took most classes in both Seattle and Tacoma - it really reinforced the curriculum." - Christopher Richards
"Onward to bigger and better challenges! Thanks." - Joseph Lawrence Koval
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