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CPA Review Courses - Course Offerings

Home Study Courses

Our home study option is for people who cannot attend live classes. The home study program includes the same comprehensive textbooks with past exam questions and answers which we use in our class. Over 3,000 old exam questions and answers are included on paper and P.C. software drills. We also include the Magic Memory Outlines template on the CD to help you make your own final review outlines. The third item on the CD is question maps that allow you to find questions immediately covering topical areas you need to review.

The price is $97 per part (Audit and Attestation, Financial Accounting, Regulation, and Business Environment and Concepts). The price includes the text and software, and also includes domestic freight by UPS. All four parts are reduced to $360 total. Student members of the Washington Society of CPAs and the Oregon Society of CPAs are given a 15% discount off of the above prices (one part for $82.45 or all four parts for $306).

Please contact us at (206) 624-0716, (800) 636-0716, or place your order online.

Home Study Program

Each part of the Rigos CPA Review materials includes a comprehensive textbook with over 1,000 previous exam questions with full explanatory answers, and computer drill Q & A software and Magic Memory Outlines. All home study orders are final. Please send me the review materials immediately so that I can begin preparing. Domestic UPS freight charges are included in the below prices. Student members of the Oregon Society of CPAs and Washington Society of CPAs receive a 15% discount off the below listed prices.

All Subjects                                                      $360
Audit and Attestation $97
Financial Accounting $97
Regulation $97
Business Environment and Concepts $97


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