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CMA Review Courses - Our Three Step Approach

Our 3-Step Approach to CMA Review: Decision Analysis, Information Systems and Internal Controls

Step One - Pre-Seminar Preparation - Text Preview

Participants receive their materials ahead of the workshop weekend. Materials are shipped upon submitting the enrollment form along with a payment of $50 per part. Participants should go through the text ahead of the workshop to build a foundation in the topical subjects so that the class can operate at a rigorous pace and high level with a focus on the exam questions.

Step Two - Live 2-day, Intensive Overview-level Workshop

The instructor will present an intensive overview lecture of the topics most frequently tested. During the course of the workshop, the instructor will work many exam questions with the students so experience can be gained in test-taking strategy and applying the solution approach. Instructors will assign homework that is particularly useful to reinforce the class coverage.

Step Three - Computer Drill Follow-up

After the workshop, participants are expected to work all the homework questions both manually and using the Rigos computerized Questions-and-Answer drill software.  A practice exam is included at the end of each text for course participants to complete. 20 hours of CPE is earned during each workshop.

Rigos recommends that you schedule to take the exam for each part several weeks after the workshop for that part. This should be completed before taking a workshop for any other part. This will ensure you are taking the exam when you are focused on the appropriate topic areas. Information on registering with the ICMA is available by contacting the Rigos office. Seminars are held at convenient locations domestically and internationally - contact our city locations for date and place.

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