Every profession has some explicit code of conduct, and understanding that serves as the distinction between a professionally qualified person and a professional.

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MPRE Course

MARCH 6, 2021


If you are sitting for the national Spring 2021 MPRE, Rigos invites you to use our stellar MPRE books, including a full practice exam.  Our student price is only $25.00 which is refunded if you later take our full MBE, MEE, and MPT course.  We recommend at least a 40 to 80 hour study preparation effort to ensure you adequately understand the details of the ABA disciplinary rules tested and work through sufficient multiple-choice questions to become familiar with how they test the individual ethical rules.  At the end of your review take our practice MPRE exam to measure your competency level.


Do not underestimate the difficulty of the MPRE; it is more competitive than most law school classes.  Prudent students work through all 350 of our questions and detailed explanatory answers.  Two or three week serious MPRE study time is thus recommended as follows:


                                                                                    2021 SCHEDULE


    MPRE EXAM TEST DATE             3/29-30/21     8/11-12/21        11/4/21



        DEADLINE                                   1/28/21            6/10/21           9/17/21



        LECTURE DATE                             3/6/21             7/25/21           10/9/21




Our material, acronyms, question maps, and 350+ question – answer rationales are very effective in mastering the MPRE subjects and learning how they are usually tested.  This is the foundation elements of our efficient, effective Rigos focused UBE LOPR Learning System (Learn law, Outline law, Practice working 350 MPRE exam-type questions, and final Review of your own Magic Memory Outlines and questions missed in our course).


Our on-line March 6 lecture leads the student through the six chapters in our new 2021 MPRE section of the UBE in six classes averaging 45 minutes each.  To get access to the on-line chapter-by-chapter class lectures and book go to: http://www.rigos.net/freempre.asp





"I scored 131 on the 2018 MPRE with Rigos; far higher than my friends who took other review courses.  I found the exam easy after using the Rigos MPRE text and 360+ questions and full answer rationales.  The acroymns helped a lot and the concise focused text coverage was very strong.  The question maps showed me exactly how the examiners test the ethical issues.  Rigos is a great resource and I recommend it for all bar review law students without qualification."

Noah Patton, Duncan School of Law September 20, 2018

"I scored 130 on the MPRE and found all aspects of the Rigos course excellent. Based upon my friends’ negative experience with other review courses, this is the best study system out there. I will go with Rigos for my bar exam."

Erin Steiner, Ohio State Law School


"Great course. The Rigos concise text, Magic Memory Outlines, Question Maps, and 350 practice questions worked well enough for me to score 120 on the MPRE. Thanks for the great bar exam tool!"

Bob Pittman, University of Washington Law School

"Your MPRE book allowed me to score 121 on my exam which was far higher than my friends that used other sources.  It was great!"

Monica Pierce, UCLA School of Law






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