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CPA Licensure and Beyond

After successfully passing the CPA exam an application must be submitted to the State Board of Accountancy for a CPA license.  This will include documentation as to the prior work experience of the applicant.  Normally this must be documented by a licensed CPA.

NASBA recognized that many applicants for licensure have difficulty finding a licensed CPA to sign off on their experience requirement.  Therefore, they have introduced a new process in which the applicant can have accounting experience documented from other than a CPA firm.  This experience verification service is available in 10 jurisdictions currently and involves an application that is verified by a CPA and submitted the Board of Accountancy.  Click HERE to go to the NASBA experience verification website. 

Below is the complete process:

The Process

  1. A NASBA Client Manager will assess your particular situation and guide you through the application process.
  2. Your work experience is verified by a local provider.
  3. An interview with a U.S. CPA is conducted.
  4. A comprehensive final report is prepared and submitted to the Board of Accountancy.

In order to begin the Experience Verification service, applicants must have:

  • Passed the CPA Examination,
  • Met the Board’s educational requirements for licensure, and
  • 1-2 years of accounting experience

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

 After licensure a CPA is required to obtain CPE every year.  Contact your state board to determine the requirements in your jurisdiction (number of hours required, areas of study, etc.).

Last updated on 2/22/2017 11:37:43 AM