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CPA Review Courses - Exam Information

State Requirements

Each state has their own requirements for the CPA exam (education required, filing dates, application forms, etc.). Please contact your State Board of Accountancy or NASBA for the rules and requirements in your state.  A good resource on How to Become a CPA in Washington can be found here.  If you require additional education to qualify for the CPA exam you may find, Accounting Master's Degree Guide at, or helpful.

Overview of CPA Exam Application Process

The following is a very brief overview of the application process when applying to take the CPA exam. This is not intended to be a complete description of the process, but rather is meant to provide a basic understanding of the flow of information when applying for the CPA exam.

Step One

Applicant applies for the exam with NASBA or other State registering agency online or by calling the appropriate state agency.

Step Two

NASBA receives complete application and for:

  • Re-exam application - collects/updates applicant's information and fees, as eligibility has already been determined.
  • First-time applicant - collects applicant's information and fees. Determines if applicant meets the State's education requirements to take the CPA Exam. Go to the State Board's web site for the education requirements for the particular State.

Step Three

The applicant data is reviewed by NASBA against the National Candidate Database. Provided the applicant has not applied to take the exam in another state, NASBA will issue a Notice to Schedule (NTS) to the applicant. The NTS is valid for six calendar months.

Step Four

Applicant receives NTS from NASBA. Applicant can then schedule an appointment to take the exam through Prometric's website or toll-free number (contact information is provided on the NTS).

For further information, please go the the State's application web site. You can also download all application forms and candidate bulletin from the site.

Last updated on 9/24/2020 12:47:05 PM