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Accounting Ethics - In-house Workshops

In partnership with State Societies Rigos offers a family of professional ethics programs available in live workshop sessions, self-study, or online at  See each course for a detailed description and order form.

Receive CPE credit for our teaching your staff on-site to suit your firm's schedule. Our instructors are highly-rated, experienced teachers with expertise in resolving accounting and legal ethical dilemmas.

Each workshop can be tailor-made to fit the needs of your organization, but we do introduce and apply the new AICPA risk evaluation, safeguard mitigation, and client consent to conflicts of interest and independence impairments.

On-site classes saves traveling time, lowers your CPE costs, covers what your firm deems important, and allows your staff to be available for emergencies. Breaks and lunch time can also be used for work related functions.

  • Maximize the benefit by working with our specialists and custom design your own CPE class to suit your internal financial and accounting personnel's needs.
  • Rigos in-house workshops are focused directly on the needs of accounting, finance and business professionals. Over 2,000 accountants and finance personnel have attended our in-house workshops.
  • Intermediate course level; advance preparation is not required and there are no prerequisites. Class participation is encouraged.
  • All in-house workshops feature an inter-active, participatory, question-and-answer class format.

A sampling of our recent workshops have been rated for knowledge of the subject matter as follows:

  Sponsor Rating*
  Microsoft - Bellevue 5.00
  American Association of Attorneys-CPAs 5.00
  Kernutt Stokes Brandt, CPAs - Eugene 4.90
  Berntson Porter & Company - Seattle 4.72
  Washington Society of CPAs - Bellevue 4.77
  Oregon Society of CPAs - Portland 4.90
  Russell Investments - Seattle 4.86
  Smith Bundy Berman, CPAs - Seattle 4.95
  AICPA Industry Conference - Seattle 4.80

* Out of a maximum rating of 5.0

If you would like more information on either our in-house ethics workshops or ethics attestation engagements, please call us at 206-624-0716 or send us an e-mail to:


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