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Oregon State CPA Ethics


This live instruction course is sponsored by the Oregon Society of CPAs. It contains all Oregon rule changes effective as of January 1, 2019.

This course is designed for:

  • Oregon State CPA firms desiring a comprehensive sensitivity training session for CPA firm partners, managers, and general professional staff employees.
  • Oregon State Quality Control partners reviewing and updating their CPA firm's internal ethical principles and procedures.
  • Individual Oregon State CPAs desiring to meet the Oregon Board ethics specific CPE requirement of 4 hours focused on provisions of the Oregon statutory and case law.

Objectives - You will learn:

  • How to identify issues involved in making CPA professional ethical accounting decisions.
  • How to recognize the considerations in analysis and resolution of ethical dilemmas.
  • How to apply ethical rules and guidelines to public accounting situations.
  • CPA responsibilities and conduct described in the Oregon Board rules and AICPA ethical standards.

You will gain:

  • More confidence in your personal and professional ethical judgments.
  • Increased sensitivity towards accounting ethical issues and dilemmas.
  • Familiarity with Oregon Board and AICPA's ethical compliance and enforcement procedures.
  • CPE credit - the Oregon Society of CPAs offers 4 hours of regulatory ethics for the group-live course.

Course Offerings

Group-Live Workshops
This course emphasizes fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, and independence issues. Features include:

  • Oregon law and Oregon Board regulations are covered in detail.
  • Special emphasis is given where Oregon State differs from the AICPA Code.

This course is offered in group-live workshops through the Oregon Society of CPAs. You can register at

  • Overview Level - No prerequisites - Advanced preparation not required.
  • Interactive Sessions - Questions and answers are interspersed into the course material to make it interactive.

If you would like more information on our live in-house ethics workshops, please contact us at 206-624-0716 or send an e-mail to

Link to Oregon State Board CPE Rules


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