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Efficient and Effective Learning - Practice Questions - Outline Format

Class Format - The lectures lead you through our exciting interactive UBE listen/read learn - practice questions - outline  sessions. No Socratic method or hide-the-ball techniques of law school, only a sharp focus on the issues and black letter law that is frequently tested on the bar exam.   The lectures may be downloaded from the internet for reinforcement, review, for self-study, or downloaded to your iPod.

Learning System -  Our lecture learning segments are about 20 minutes followed by the student working 10 learning questions which apply the black letter law just covered.  Working questions is critical in a fast-paced review class because the topic complexity grows quickly and the student simply must work questions to reinforce the legal rules and measure topic mastery.  Students then prepare their own concise Magic Memory Outline using our Word template software.

Personal Skill Assessment - Every subject in our MBE books have 200 or more multiple-choice questions that are cross-referenced to the related black-letter law in our texts.  This allows students to create a listing of their strong and weak areas so they can concentrate on their weaker subjects.  Our grader-mentors give detailed, personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement on essays and performance tasks. This is one of the reasons the Rigos pass rate is consitently high.

Learning Session Schedule - Students must decide and plan out their learning session schedule if they deviate from our recommended schedule.  Aim for 3 hour solid time block learning sessions.  We like two 3 hour sessions on a weekend day with a one hour lunch break in-between.  Students must decide when they are the most alert and what works best in their overall life schedule.  There are at least ten days between the end of the course and the actual bar exam for your final study and our "review of the review" suggestions.

Essay and Performance Tasks- Practice essays and tasks will be distributed electronically after the class learning sessions and your answers critiqued by our grading team of former students. They provide individual feedback and extremely valuable improvement suggestions.  Students following their detailed improvement advise can expect a full point improvement in their essays and performance tasks.

Testing Built In - We monitor students' multiple-choice  question and essay scores and will e-mail or call to encourage your progress in staying with the "Seamless Process".  We encourage relevant questions anytime at our help desk.  Short drills and mock three hour exams are built into the schedule.  No other review program provides this "go the extra mile" feature for their students.

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