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Become a Rigos Affiliate

The Rigos professional courses are offered internationally through a growing group of affiliated universities, review schools, state societies and individual professionals. This system combines high-quality centralized editorial direction with local hands-on operator-owners who direct and teach the classes. The result is the fastest growing BAR, CPA, CMA,  and professional ethics review courses in the world.

Local ownership with international, high-quality, editorial direction allows you the benefit of being a part of a world-wide group of professional educators, but you retain the economic incentive and entrepreneurial satisfaction of operating your own business in your own market.   All the material and software aids that you need are updated centrally so you can be sure your students have the state-of-the-art resources they need.

Unlike other publishers, you receive the sole and exclusive right to market our professional education courses in your geographic area. The Rigos high quality material is not available in bookstores to compete with your class. The Rigos system has 40 years of proven experience with over 100,000 former successful students.

Affiliate Application

If you have an interest in pursuing such an opportunity, please fill out the application below.



Phone: Work
Phone: Home
Terminal Degree
  CPA CMA Attorney
Current Employer/University
Current Position
Academic/Professional association leadership positions (examples are academic activities, AICPA-IMA-ABA or state bar and/or accounting association society positions, etc.)
Teaching Experience
Review Class Experience
Potential number of students in area by source (university, associations, chapter, society)
I participate in student related activities (Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Club, IMA Student Groups, Student Bar Association, Law Student Groups, etc.)
Number of potential candidates in metropolitan area
I am interested in owning, organizing and directing a locally based "live teacher" Rigos Professional Education review course. Please contact me with details of how your program could apply to my market area. I realize that the information I will receive is proprietary and of a trade secret nature, agree to keep it all confidential and not use or disclose same to third parties.
I Agree to terms as stated above
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