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Code of Ethics/Conduct

Rigos Professional Education Programs Ltd. has been in the review program Provider business for 40 years and learned that good ethics is good business. Jim Rigos is an Officer in the American Professional Accounting Certification Providers Association (APACPA) and has agreed to adhere to the APACPA Code of Ethics (Ford Committee August 2002) as follows:

Professionalism:  Cordiality and mutual respect are to be observed among Providers. Discouraged is any act of anti-trust collusion and/or predatory activities designed to illegally destroy competition. None of the owners/providers, directors or staff shall participate in supervisory or oversight roles in testing institutions, or in any capacity where such role relates to the examination questions and answers thereto.

Integrity:  All Providers shall adhere to objective truth in advertising and abstain from intentional untrue, deceptive or misleading advertising. Defamatory statements about a competitor's product or activity are undesirable; positive and supportable statements of product/organization strength and accomplishments are encouraged. The veracity of specific numerical or quantitative must be verifiable.

Confidentiality:  All Providers agree to hold secret all student information and such should not be used, distributed, transferred or sold without the express prior approval of the student except as permitted under law or in the course of mergers.

Quality:  All Providers agree to strive to provide our students with the best possible high quality program of preparation.

Vibrant Open Markets:  Accounting and Law students, the national Professional Accounting and Bar institutions, and academic institutions preparing students for professional careers are best served by a wide range of competitive self-study and classroom programs committed to preparation for certifications and licenses. All Providers agree they will not unilaterally approach testing institutions for consideration or information which is not concurrently made available to all other members of the APACPA.

Conflict Resolution:  By accepting membership in the APACPA, and this code of ethics, no individual or organization abdicates the right to exercise legal recourse to address issues of disagreement between members. However, alternatively and in the spirit of the APACPA Code of Ethics, APACPA commits to assisting parties in disagreement to find mediated resolution to that desagreement without prejudice.

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