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You have a lot riding on your bar exam performance, which is a combination of your own preparation effort, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the review course structure you choose. Consider,

  • Rigos has demonstrated a higher pass rate over the years than the average pass rate reported by the Bar Association.  This is because a majority of our students follow the Rigos' "Seamless Process" program in which the whole of our programs's features are greater than the sum of the parts.
  • While BarBri, Themis, and Kaplan are strong on marketing, raising prices, golden handcuff "lockins," and doing what it takes to eliminate competitors, see what their own students say about the actual service they provide. In this antitrust lawsuit students are suing their own bar prep course.
  • Compare Rigos to the other courses. Here are some comments from students who took both courses:
    • "I've taken three different state bar exams, so I've tried both Rigos and your national competitor. I feel strongly that Rigos has by far the superior method. Thank you!"
    • "I passed two bar exams; one with Barbri and one with Rigos. Rigos is far superior. The material is more focused and the Magic Memory Outlines excellent. The mentors and the online essay grading system are outstanding."
    • "I am writing to thank you for your bar review program. Last year I studied for and passed the Idaho Bar using the BarBri program. This past summer, I used your (Rigos) program to study for and pass the Washington State Bar. Although Idaho uses the multi-state exam, there are enough similarities between the bar exams that I wanted to write and tell you why I thought the Rigos Bar Review was the better of the two programs." Click here to read the complete letter.
    • "Having taken both courses I can state the Rigos system is more concise and better organized.  The Bar/Bri's 'Guaranteed Success' program has less than 10% of their students so their related pass-rate percentage is quite misleading."  Click here to read the complete letter.
  • See what other law students say at
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